my guide to Over Night Oats

a simple on the go breakfast

Breakfast is a must in my house, and as a busy mom a quick , simple but healthy breakfast is a must. 

These delicious over night oats are just that and they are kid approved! In 4 different “flavours” , im sure you will end up with a favourite. 

These recipes are all dairy free, gluten free and nut free. However you can choose your own base, milk and even add different flavours as you choose. 

To start, you will want 4 mason jars with a sealable lid, oatmeal and milk of your choice, honey or maple syrup and chia seeds. Add these all together and then add your flavours as per the recipes. 

I love to hear how you love them and if you changed anything or added anything so connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and let me know your favourite!

The Recipe