Benefits Of Coconut

By now I am sure you have heard of the many different ways coconut is known to be beneficial. Everything from eating it, cooking with it, drinking its milk, using it topically and even something called coconut oil pulling. If you aren’t familiar with that, it is swishing around coconut oil in your mouth for a given amount of time in hopes to pull the toxins from your body. Look it up of you haven’t heard of it.

Today’s What’s In It Wednesday is brought to you by Coconut- a highly used food in many cultures. Coconut is a high-fat fruit that has a wide range of health benefits. These include providing you with disease-fighting antioxidants, promoting blood sugar regulation, and reducing certain risk factors for heart disease.

Coconut is the fruit from the tree called Coconut Palm. Its origin is from THE PACIFIC BASIN AND INDIAN OCEAN BASIN, however, you can find it in parts of the US now as well. It boasts many health benefits including but not limited to possibly helping with weight loss, blood sugar control, heart health, skin, and hair health and many more.


 So How can You Use Coconut?

1.Coconut Water- used for re hydration after colds and flues, vomiting and diarrhea and even exercise

2.Coconut Milk-The milk of the coconut is extracted from the flesh or meat of the fruit has high saturated fat content. It is used in a variety of ways from seafood dishes, as well as a milk replacement for those who don’t drink cows milk. It is also most commonly known to be used in the famous drink Pina Colada.

3.Coconut Oil- Probably the most commonly used form of coconut coconut oil boasts many health benefits. You can use it for cooking, coconut pulling, use it as a moisturizer, a makeup remover, it conditions the hair, prevents split-ends and treats dry flaky scalp including dandruff. Some medicinal ways you can use it are in helping to strengthen the liver, help relieve symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, protects against intestinal disorders and can help reduce pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

4. Coconut Meat-Coconut meat is often used as a substitute in cooking. It is rich in vitamins A and B group (particularly B5), phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. It is also dried and shaved and frequently used in baking.

5. The Husk-In Brazil, they make a tea made from the husk fibers which is said to help inflammatory disorders. The outer part of the coconut, has been used for many things such as buffing floors, fuel, for charcoal, crafts and buttons. Other things such as drinking vessels, sponges, musical instruments, theatrical sound effects, burnt to ward off mosquitoes and when ground down, the husk is used as a skin exfoliant. The coconut shells are also used as bird feeders.

There truly is no waste with a coconut.

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