The Best Mom Hack To Avoid Store Meltdowns at Christmas

I don’t know about your kids, but the second fall hits the kids are already starting their Christmas lists! Every store we stop in , its an ” I want this”, and “can we buy this”, “you never buy us any toys” , and then cue the meltdowns when Mom pulls out the mean card and says NO.

Over the past couple of years , I have learned a few tricks to shopping with kids and I believe this is my best one yet!

Every store we go into that has toys, my kids wander down the isles looking and wishing. Now, we all know Mom’s have enough in their heads to think about and remember, why don’t we just add one more thing and make that mental list of all the presents your kids ask for. My kids literally ask for everything they think they NEED-so my head is pretty full and I typically say no. Well this hack is about to change your life! You will never not know what to get your children, AND it will avoid store meltdowns and a whole lot of embarrassment for everyone.

Ready?! TAKE PICTURES ! We all carry a smartphone, USE IT ! I started telling my kids every time they asked for a toy or hinted at a toy to take a picture of it and add it to your list! This avoids total meltdown central. Santa will need a list and there is no way mommy will be able to remember everything! A total win win ! Since I have started saying, take a picture and add it to your list, we haven’t had a single melt down over not getting toys.

You can now enjoy meltdown free shopping over toys!

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